Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anatomy of a Richmond Murder

Hey everyone, I just finished two illos for Richmond Magazine. The story they accompany was a series of noir-esque, first hand events that took place in the familiar setting of Richmond. A body is found on the shore of the James River, the police seem disinterested, so the writer takes upon himself to find out what happened. Interesting stuff.

I based the image off of Saul Bass's classic poster for "Anatomy of a Murder." I realize he (when he was alive) got very testy when his style was emulated, especially in the case of the poster for "Clockers." So I think to myself, "Maybe I can join the ranks of Saul Bass rip off artists!" I don't know, but I feel like his style has become so iconic that it's entered into our visual lexicon, so I had no qualms borrowing imagery. I separated the hand from the arm b/c allegedly the body was found wearing only one glove on his right hand which is important later on in the story.

Also the body isn't centered b/c the the left hand side falls across the gutter of the magazine.

The second image is a spot that depicts the protagonist discovering evidence and the place of the crime.