Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hair'em Scare'em follow up

Here's an interesting tid bit I just found out. The book, Hair'em Scare'em, that contains some of my work is being carried nationwide by Urban Outfitters (Ironically found at a suburban mall in my town). So go try on some overpriced, ill-fitting jeans, pick up a houndstooth fedora, rock some fluorescent yellow shades, and maybe buy a copy of Hair'em Scare'em.

Click here for the original post. Thanks Julia!

Here's a link to buy it from Urban Outfitters online:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anatomy of a Richmond Murder

Hey everyone, I just finished two illos for Richmond Magazine. The story they accompany was a series of noir-esque, first hand events that took place in the familiar setting of Richmond. A body is found on the shore of the James River, the police seem disinterested, so the writer takes upon himself to find out what happened. Interesting stuff.

I based the image off of Saul Bass's classic poster for "Anatomy of a Murder." I realize he (when he was alive) got very testy when his style was emulated, especially in the case of the poster for "Clockers." So I think to myself, "Maybe I can join the ranks of Saul Bass rip off artists!" I don't know, but I feel like his style has become so iconic that it's entered into our visual lexicon, so I had no qualms borrowing imagery. I separated the hand from the arm b/c allegedly the body was found wearing only one glove on his right hand which is important later on in the story.

Also the body isn't centered b/c the the left hand side falls across the gutter of the magazine.

The second image is a spot that depicts the protagonist discovering evidence and the place of the crime.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I totally forgot to mention that I got piece into the 3x3 juried annual that is currently on sale at bookstores. There's a lot of good work in this year's annual, so I definitely recommend taking a look. Enjoy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lots and lots of little people!

I just did a portrait of Meredith Whitney for Globe and Mail's Report on Business, a Canadian publication. Think of it like the USA Today of Canada. Mrs. Whitney is a stock analyst who regularly appears on TV news speaking her mind about the state of the economy and and the the stock market. She's known for being very outspoken and having a much more dire outlook than many of her colleagues. So I decided to draw her confidently walking through a sea of her peers. Drawing all the little people was a challenge and a lot of fun. I sent them two different versions to choose from.

Here are some details: