Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People Who Died

I just completed thirteen portraits including one for the cover of The Philadelphia City Paper. Since there were so many monumental celebrity deaths in 2009 The City Paper found it only suitable to pay homage to other accomplished people who did not have their names splashed all over the tabloids. I really enjoyed doing the type by hand and drawing the border which is something I do not normally do in my illustrations.

Here's a compiled version and a close-up of Helio Gracie. Click on the image to see a larger version:

Here's a list and a brief description of everyone shown above:

1. Marilyn Chambers (porn sweetheart)

2. Harry Kalas (Phillies announcer) cover version

3. Helio Gracie (ultimate fighting grandpappy)

4. Allen Klein (manager/agent of Sam Cooke, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles)

5. Donald Westlake (pulp novelist)

6. Sylvia Schur (inventor of Clamato, among other things)

7. Rashied Ali (jazz drummer)

8. Jack Cardiff (cinematographer)

9. Jack Rose (guitarist)

10. Harry Kalas (Phillies announcer)

11. Linda Cohen (classical guitarist)

12. Judith Krug (library defender)

13. Richard Whitcomb (aerodynamic engineer)

14. Joaquin Rivera (Latin musician)