Monday, May 4, 2009

Spread the Word

Here are two new ones I did for Santa Barbara Independent and for BusinessWeek. The first Illustration was sort of difficult in concept since it's about religion in schools, but I was not allowed to use any kind of iconography (i.e. crosses, bibles, churches, etc.). The client decided to go with the sketch that showed how religious organizations are trying to get young kids into their after school groups through peer pressure.

The second illo was a quick one in that I had 24 hours from sketches to finish. Luckily it was conceptually simple and the client just wanted a few narratives. The finished piece shows several ways that companies are are creating incentives for those who have been laid off. What's shown below is a very savvy man who is taking up these businesses on their offers of refunds for recently purchased items and clinics not charging for medical bills.