Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So I play a lot of RISK, the game of world domination, and I got tired of playing on the same map over and over again. With my spare time I redesigned the game based on the boroughs of New York City and east Jersey. (For those unfamiliar with the game the original board and cards are below as well). Also a different variable I added to the game is the bridge blowing card, which one could blow up bridges or tunnels to adjoining territories.

With naming and shaping the territories on the map I apologize in advance to all neighborhoods grossly misrepresented in shape or size or not included at all. But this is a game board not meant to be used as a accurate map of the NYC area, and it would be impossible to include all neighborhoods.

As for the cards, I used the movie, The Warriors, as inspiration. In order from left to right they represent (as from the original game) infantry, cavalry, and artillery. And below is the bridge blowing card and the wild card. Before I carried away and poorly describe all aspects of the game, go to the RISK wiki page for a full explanation the game and its rules.


Dorkly yours,