Thursday, June 19, 2008

So a few things have happened in the past month or so. First off, I won gold in the Richmond Illustrators Club Second Annual Juried show (Juried by Anita Kunz, Greg Swaringen, and Josh George). Second show, second time I won gold. I have a legacy to protect now. If you're unaware of the Richmond Illustrators Club, check em' out. They're up to some interesting things.

Also, I just finished going the cover for "The Deal Magazine." The idea behind the illo is that Japanese Pharmaceutical companies are taking over the US market, so what better way of showing that than using Godzilla.

Here's what they did with it:

About a week and half ago I did an illo for the cover of Inland Empire Weekly. They wanted an image depicting McCain's changing attitudes towards Bush.

And the final version: